Padi & I Investments Plans

Why Padi & I Investment?

Obinah, Tolu, Simi, Ahmed, and Segzy are friends. They plan to help each other sort upcoming bills, and own properties. Simi suggested using a thrift (ajo/osusu).

Obinah, Tolu, and Simi are entrepreneurs and can save ₦100,000 monthly. Ahmed and Segzy work in a popular bank and earn enough save ₦100,000 as well. It's time to set-up a thrift group.

Now, Obinah gets to earn 500,000 in the first month, while Simi, Ahmed, Segzy, and Tolu get ₦500,000 in the second, third, fourth, and fifth months respectively.

However, Ahmed is the admin, and he is confused about how to manage the operations and has other questions. Is there a platform that makes it easy to manage funds and gives incredibly ROI within a short time?
We understand Ahmed's furstration, and we knew a solution had to be provided.

The Solution - Padi & I Investment

Padi & I was made to help friends earn more on thrifts. Our pioneering thrift investment plans offers as high as 18% ROI every 36 days. This allows every thrift investment earn as much as 180% after 10 circles. Now, you and your friends can invest confidently together towards your common financial goals.

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